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Meet Dr. Lance Smith

General Dentist

Dr. Smith is a native of Colorado who graduated from the University of Colorado Dental School in 1992. Before opening his state of the art facility in Thornton in October of 1999, Lance practiced for eight years in Lafayette, Colorado.

Experience, honesty and his technical abilities add a significant dimension to the varied needs of his patients. He deeply believes that continuing education has been key to the success he has attained in his career.

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Hundreds of 5‑Star Reviews

“I have used Dr. Smith for over 40 years so that in it's self shows he has my confidence in doing my dental work. I travel approximately 50 miles round trip to the receive the services of Dr. Smith and his staff.”

‑Bruce B.

“Dr. Smith, the hygienists and his full staff are incredible. Professional, warm and kind every time. I look forward to coming to the office and leave with great care.”

‑Katherine M.

“It was a wonderful friendly environment! I was so comfortable getting my dental work done.”

‑Kirsten H.

“Dr. Smith and his staff have been caring for my entire families dental needs for many years. We have all received high quality dental work at an honest, affordable price. Everyone in the office is friendly and seem to genuinely care about your comfort level during procedures.”

‑Shane A.

“Awesome office with even better people! Couldn't rave enough about this place.”

‑Brennon L.

“Suffering for many years with a serious case of dental phobia came quickly to an end when I started visiting Thorncreek. Even as a long time patient, they consistently continue to provide such contentious care and attention to my comfort that I no longer have any reluctance in going to the dentist. They are friendly, attentive and a great group of professionals.”

‑Buz H.

“You make me like going to the dentist! Amazing, friendly staff. Always a good experience.”

‑Cara O.

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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers Learn More

Veneers are very thin porcelain pieces that are custom made to adhere directly to the front of teeth without grinding or shaving. Transform your smile without drilling on your natural teeth!

In the hands of a highly skilled dentist, porcelain laminates can provide you with an incredibly natural, beautiful smile. They are virtually undetectable and can dramatically improve your appearance. They are durable and long-lasting when compared to other cosmetic treatments.

One-Visit Crowns

Porcelain Crowns Learn More

Protect and keep badly decayed or fractured teeth while maintaining a beautiful smile. Made to perfectly match the shape and shade of your other teeth, they’re durable, strong, and undetectable.

Crowns should be placed before the tooth is so decayed that it may fracture. This can often help prevent the expense of root canal therapy in the future. If a tooth is too damaged to have a crown applied, a porcelain bridge may be a good alternative.


Mercury-Free Learn More

The common silver filling contains mercury. Dr. Smith uses the highest-quality biocompatible, tooth-colored restorations to create healthy, beautiful smiles. Since the composite material adheres directly to the tooth enamel, less preparation of the tooth is required before using it. This means it is more durable and provides a more natural-looking result.

Smile Whitening

Smile Whitening Learn More

Many everyday things like coffee, tea and wine can significantly dull teeth. Smile whitening enables us to significantly brighten your smile for that dazzling white smile you deserve.

Plastic whitening trays will be made from models of your teeth. You will then place a special whitening gel in each tray and wear the trays in your mouth for several hours per day. (Many patients wear their trays after dinner and before bed.) A significant change in tooth color is usually seen in just four to six weeks.

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry Learn More

Laser dentistry is a highly-effective, gentle way to treat gum disease, remove bacteria, and re-contour gum lines after cosmetic dentistry. Laser dentistry is a more comfortable, accurate way to produce excellent results.

TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment Learn More

If you suffer from headaches or pain, clicking or popping while chewing, there may be problems with your temporomandibular joint (or TMJ). Call us today to schedule a free TMJ treatment consultation

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